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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pon with baby today. Met up with baby and his group of friends just now. Slacked awhile, than pei baby go mac for breakfast. Than went up baby's house. Pei baby sleep. Was texting eugenia'babygirl and Felicia after that. Left his house at 245. Down tiong meet up with Rachel while baby at home sleep. Mac, kfc, popular. Got my first prezzie from Rachel! ^^ aww! So sweet of her! ^^ saw 2 bastards.__. Purposely when they walked past us i shouted bastard loudly in th kfc. They turned and look at me. Lols. Than one of th friend came, and walked away.__. childish! Bully my sist, no happy ending dey! Got home, chatted with denise on th phone. Cb one uh one ahbuneh. Think i nvr go sch bully my friend. _|_ Her ! Knn, i tolerating with her nia lo cause om and hol side with her.__. Fuck up. Cb. She go suck her father's Lj luh hor.__. pcb. See me like mouse, i nvr go sch act big. Lyk wtf!?
WHEEEEEEEEE!! My birthday tmr! Baby celebrating for me! ^^ Looking forward to it ^^
Kkayys, shall go fb-ing and ignore this lifeless plk .
iloveyoutonyng! ^^

5:44 PM

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hey ! had not been helping this piggy to blog . didnt met him today): missdiehim . he's sleeping now . he ytd mood change cause of me): sorry baby ! dont angry luhhh ! cheer up kwaiis kwaiis kwaiis ! dont shag le hor ! i know you dont wanna me to leave , so do i . promise next time i wont litdat kwaiis . baby , you go read my blog . those pink colour font de . it's for you . all i wanna say is thr . idk wht to blog le uh . iloveyou .

5:36 PM

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hello Baby ! Thanks for helping me blog when i lazy to :P hehe . tml u going msia liao ! i will miss u very much again dhe ! anyway i forgot ur id and pw for ur blog , can see me again by fb again ? Thanks ! i now at chamber (: tonning till morning ! and dun worry i will take care of u snowball one ! i will treat him like how i treat u de okay ! i will always go disturb him one :P when he slping i go knock the cage ! muahahahaha ! u slp early tonight okay ! tml u morning must go buy books . so early wake up sure very tired de . so tonight u guai guai okay ! dun slp so late :P when u are back must call eugenia and ask her text me okay ! to let me know u are back (: i will str8 rush home and call u ! :P and pass u by ur snowball :P Hehehe ! miss u very badly now alr >: must eat regularly okay ! dun go on hunger strike >: later u sick sick i very heart pain de leh ben dan baby ! sob sob ! farewell & takecare ! iloveyou ! 0707100707 ! Muacks !

12:03 AM

Friday, December 17, 2010

Helloooooooo, im back again. super lazy to help this piggy to blog. he sold his bikebike away to feng hui and gabriel. he ton lan ytd night with jin tai and co. Sobs! He's going for reporting again with his aunty on 20th dec 2010. >:( just nice i 20th got class outing. no mood go for any outing le. >:( hope he won't get lock up so fast! baby, I LOVE YOU <3 you must be alright orhkwaiis! short post today, gtg for lunchhh. Buaiis(:

12:33 PM

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

HIHI peepoh. ytd was me and babyboy's 5th month anniversary. met up with him and slack at staircase awhile then went up his house. he bought me my fav ferreo rocher. hehe. eat too much chocolate will fat one. >: baby temper-d him ytd. SORRY! >.<>: aft tht he pei me until 6th storey thn i went up my hse myself. he wanted to gimmie a surprise. he keep finding his friends who got iphone. he rush to meet siang ting and borrow. but fb don't allow him to sign in my acc. >: asked him wht he gonna do to my acc he dont want say. >.<>: baby, take care of urself alrights! i love you manymany! kkayys, going off now. buaiis.

2:09 PM

Friday, December 3, 2010

hihihi ! im finally backk . HAHAHAH. very lazy to help this piggy blog . he's currently... SLEEPING !!! @: !!! i very bored !!! met baby ytd and slack awhile at staircase. he went ton lan at chamber with xiaoslack, nevin and co. I MISS YOU TONY NG !!! faster wake upppppp !!! i want bored die le !!! i want my forrero roacher ^^ hehehe ! im craving for it ! ^^ WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !! 5 more days ^^ HOHOHO ! i forgotten abt my SHINee hello baby show. buaiis, gonna watch it naozxc ^^

gen loves XiiaoTony ttm ^^
0707100707PM forever loved !
huggies and kisses !

3:40 PM

Friday, November 26, 2010

Hello! This piggy confirm plus gurantee chop still snoring de. He ytd 1 plus still at lan. Today not sure what time he's gonna wake up. He's going to LTA to get back his bike. He said he'll reach purmei at around 2 or 2 plus. Aft that he's going to meet me at safra^^ I'm going down pool with Rachel and my babygirl. Than great world for dinner than movie. :D Happyhappy^^ Ytd boyf angry with the Benjamin cause he scolded me. Than boyf is getting involved in that matter. That Benjamin really xdd luh. Gave him a lecture. Hmm, babygirl said she's gonna help me put eyeliner ltr. HAHAHA. Hope she don't destroy my face. X: Not really sure if i shld wear that tube with my new half jacket that i bought from 313. I want my babyboy faster wake and help me decide!! >.< I'm woke up by my mother's naggings just now-.- seriously she irritates my life luh. Stop saying I'm mixing with gangsters. They're my sisters and brothers who plays an important part of my life. Babyboy said I'm sensitive. Am i really becoming sensitive? I hope not. Alrites, shall fb and wait for babygirl to wake. Buaiis.

gen loves XiiaoTony,
0707100707PM forever loved .
huggies and kisses .

9:06 AM


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